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Year Name of Publication
2021 Functional constraints during development limit jaw shape evolution in marsupials
Fabre A-C, Dowling C, Portela Miguez R, Fernandez V, Noirault E, Goswami A
No. of Files: 151
2020 Decelerated dinosaur skull evolution with the origin of birds
Felice RN, Watanabe A, Cuff AR, Hanson M, Bhullar B-AS, Rayfield ER, Witmer LM, Norell MA, Goswami A
No. of Files: 0
Cranial integration in the fire salamander, Salamandra salamandra (Caudata: Salamandridae)
Bon M, Bardua C, Goswami A and A-C Fabre
No. of Files: 38
Evolutionary integration of the frog cranium
Bardua C, Fabre A-C, Bon M, Das K, Stanley EL, Blackburn DC, and A Goswami
No. of Files: 168
Metamorphosis shapes cranial diversity and rate of evolution in salamanders
Fabre A-C, Bardua C, Bon M, Clavel J, Felice RN, Streicher JW, Bonnel J, Stanley EL, Blackburn DC and A Goswami
No. of Files: 108
2019 Ecomorphological diversification in squamates from conserved pattern of cranial integration
Akinobu Watanabe, Anne-Claire Fabre, Ryan N. Felice, Jessica A. Maisano, Johannes Müller, Anthony Herrel, and Anjali Goswami
No. of Files: 184
Neurocranial development of the coelacanth and the evolution of the sarcopterygian head
Hugo Dutel, Manon Galland, Paul Tafforeau, John A. Long, Michael J. Fagan, Philippe Janvier, Anthony Herrel, Mathieu D. Santin, Gaël Clément & Marc Herbin
No. of Files: 26
2018 Developmental origins of mosaic evolution in the avian cranium
Ryan N. Felice and Anjali Goswami
No. of Files: 324
2017 A symmoriiform chondrichthyan braincase and the origin of chimaeroid fishes
Michael I. Coates, Robert W Gess, John A. Finarelli, Katharine E. Criswell, Kristen Tietjen
No. of Files: 2
2016 Revision of the cranial anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of the Eocene minute boas Messelophis variatus and Messelophis ermannorum
A. Scanferla, K.T. Smith, and S.F.K. Schaal
No. of Files: 1
Do high integration and developmental constraints limit the evolution of the marsupial cranium?
A. Goswami, M. Randau, P.D. Polly, V. Weisbecker, C. V. Bennett, L. Hautier, and M.R. Sanchez-Villagra.
No. of Files: 0
A quantitative comparative analysis of the size of the frontoparietal sinuses and brain in vombatiform marsupials
Sharp, A.C.
No. of Files: 5
New record of Egertonia (Elopiformes, Phyllodontidae) from the Late Cretaceous of South India
T.J.D. Halliday, A.R. Cuff, G.V.R. Prasad, M.S. Thankglemmoi, and A. Goswami
No. of Files: 2
2015 Are Cranial Biomechanical Simulation Data Linked to Known Diets in Extant Taxa? A Method for Applying Diet-Biomechanics Linkage Models to Infer Feeding Capability of Extinct Species
Tseng, Z. J., Flynn, J. J.
No. of Files: 5
Morphology of the Jaw-Closing Musculature in the Common Wombat ( Vombatus ursinus ) Using Digital Dissection and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Sharp, A.C., Trusler, P.W.
No. of Files: 2
Comparative Finite Element Analysis of the Cranial Performance of Four Herbivorous Marsupials
Sharp, A.C.
No. of Files: 3
Quantitative inferences on the locomotor behaviour of extinct species applied to Simocyon batalleri (Ailuridae, Late Miocene, Spain).
Fabre A.-C., M. J. Salesa, R. Cornette, M. Antón. J. Morales and S. Peigné
No. of Files: 3
Do constraints associated with the locomotor habitat drive the evolution of forelimb shape? A case study in musteloid carnivorans
Fabre A.-C., R. Cornette, A. Goswami and S. Peigné
No. of Files: 3
Do functional demands associated with locomotor habitat, diet, and activity pattern drive skull shape evolution in musteloid carnivorans?
M Dumont, CE Wall, L Botton‐Divet, A Goswami, S PeignĂ©, AC Fabre
No. of Files: 5
2014 Himalayan fossils of the oldest known pantherine establish ancient origin of big cats
Tseng, Z. J., Wang, X., Slater, G. J., Takeuchi, G. T., Li, Q., Liu, J., Xie, G.
No. of Files: 1
A three-dimensional morphometric analysis of the locomotory ecology of Deccanolestes, a eutherian mammal from the Late Cretaceous of India
Anne-Claire Fabre, Raphael Cornette, Adrien Perrard, Doug M Boyer, Guntupalli VR Prasad, Jerry J Hooker, Anjali Goswami
No. of Files: 5
A three-dimensional computer simulation of feeding behaviour in red and giant pandas relates skull biomechanics with dietary niche partitioning
Figueirido B, Tseng ZJ, Serrano-AlarcĂłn FJ, MartĂ­n-Serra A, Pastor JF
No. of Files: 1
Morphological integration in the forelimb of musteloid carnivorans
Fabre A.-C., A. Goswami, S. Peigné, and R. Cornette
No. of Files: 3
Phylogenetic and ecological correlates of inner ear morphology and ontogeny in pinnipeds (Mammalia, Carnivora).
Randau, M.; Sanfelice, D., Muizon, C., Goswami, A.
No. of Files: 0
2013 Testing Adaptive Hypotheses of Convergence with Functional Landscapes: A Case Study of Bone-Cracking Hypercarnivores
Tseng, Z.J.
No. of Files: 4
The lower jaw and dentition of the traversodontid Exaeretodon riograndensis Abdala, Barberena & Dornelles, from the Brazilian Triassic (Santa Maria 2 Sequence, Hyperodapedon Assemblage Zone)
Alexandre Liparini , TĂ©o V. Oliveira , FlĂĄvio A. Pretto , Marina B. Soares & Cesar L. Schultz
No. of Files: 1
Statistical support for the hypothesis of developmental constraint in marsupial skull evolution.
C.V. Bennett, A. Goswami
No. of Files: 7
Influence of body mass on the shape of forelimb in musteloid carnivorans. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 110(1):91-103. pdf
Fabre A.-C., R. Cornette, S. Peigné and A. Goswami
No. of Files: 4
Phylogenetic principal components analysis and geometric morphometrics
Polly P.D., A.M. Lawing, A.-C. Fabre and A. Goswami
No. of Files: 3
Getting a grip on the evolution of grasping in musteloid carnivorans: a three-dimensional analysis of forelimb shape.
Fabre A.-C., R. Cornette, G. Slater, C. Argot, S. Peigné, A. Goswami and E. Pouydebat
No. of Files: 1
2009 Cranial function in a late Miocene Dinocrocuta gigantea (Mammalia: Carnivora) revealed by comparative finite element analysis
Tseng, Z.J.
No. of Files: 2
0 Phenotypic integration in feliform carnivores: Covariation patterns and disparity in hypercarnivores versus generalists
Michaud M, Veron G and A-C Fabre
No. of Files: 12
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